APELL Manual (Awareness and Preparedness for Local Emergencies)

Emergencies due to natural or technological risks can occur anywhere, causing damage to people, the environment and property. Strengthening awareness of the hazards present in a community can greatly improve the ability to
is there to face them. Improved emergency preparedness capacities of various community stakeholders are crucial to respond
to these types of situations and overcome catastrophes when they occur. This second edition of the Handbook on Local Emergency Awareness and Preparedness Provides Guidelines
to community leaders and members, businesses and local authorities who wish to improve the level of hazard awareness in their communities
existing and emergency preparedness.

The Manual provides the basic concepts for the implementation and organization of the APELL process. Provides guidelines for engaging participants in emergency preparedness tasks, identifying and understanding risks, improving awareness, and formulating preparedness plans. The suggested concepts and tools are flexible, and their implementation should be adapted to specific local conditions and requirements.